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Visit RPM Raceway’s MEGATRACK

Jersey City is known for many things – excellent restaurants, beautiful parks, and amazing views of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan – but did you know that it’s also home to the world’s longest go-kart racetrack? That’s right folks, tucked away near the Liberty State Park is RPM Raceway racetrack and arcade. The “RPM” stands for “Race Play More”, which is an appropriate name for such an activity-packed venue.

RPM has since opened other locations around New York and Connecticut but the Jersey City Raceway is the brand’s first established location and this flagship fun-house is full of surprises. They’ve even hosted over 2 million go-kart races at the Jersey City venue. Here, the fully electric, Italian-engineered karts can go up to 45mph, though less-intense races are also available and there’s a separate area for younger kids.

From Tuesday through Sunday, you can race along a ¼ mile half-track full of hairpin turns until the first player hits eight laps, which takes about 7-10 minutes. On Mondays, the two half-tracks are combined into one ½ mile-long, multi-level MEGATRACK. On this track, players race until the first-person hits five laps, which also takes about 7-10 minutes. Player names and race times are then displayed on a leaderboard after the race. Races cost $30/each but RPM offers membership discounts which bring the price down to $20/race.

The 2,200-foot long MEGATRACK is one of the most technical and advanced go-kart tracks in the world, with three levels of vertical elevation, lightning-fast straightaways, spiraling ramps, and 90-degree hairpin turns that thrill seekers will love. During a recent renovation in January of this year, RPM Jersey City upgraded its go-kart fleet. Now, they’re equipped with the latest technologies in electric kart racing, including all-new Italian electric adult and junior karts with digital dashboards, paddle shifters, and speed boost capabilities.

In addition to the racetrack, the Jersey City RPM also has billiards, VR, adrenaline-rushing race simulators, food and drink offerings, and a massive arcade. Choose from 150+ arcade games, like skeeball, basketball, and Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune-style spin games. You’ll also find themed games modeled after household favorites like Minecraft, Monopoly, Terminator, Hot Wheels, and HALO. Most games cost about $1-$4 each and offer the opportunity to win tickets that can be redeemed for prizes in the gift shop. If you don’t care about tickets and prizes and just want to play as much as possible, opt for an unlimited card that costs $25/hour. This card allows you to play nearly all the games but it doesn’t offer tickets. Note that the prize-grab games aren’t included with the unlimited card.

When to Go
RPM Jersey City is open seven-days per week, from 12pm-10pm from Monday through Thursday, from 12pm-11pm on Friday, from 10am-11pm on Saturday, and from 10am-10pm on Sunday. The snack bar (which offers items like hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and drinks) is open from Friday through Monday and if you book a party or event room, RPM can even arrange catered food. A brand-new trackside Bar & Grill is currently in development that will have 360-degree views of the race track, which is slated to open later this year.

Unsurprisingly, weekends tend to be the busiest here so to avoid the crowds, plan to visit on a weekday. For the most impressive racing experience, Monday is the best day to visit because that’s the only day the ½-mile MEGATRACK is open. Every other day of the week, the track is split down the middle and you can race on one of the half-tracks on either side.

What to know before you go
Closed-toe shoes are required to race but if you show up in sandals or flip-flops, you can rent a pair of shoes for about $5. If you plan to race in one of the max races, which can go up to an impressive 45-miles per hour, you’ll need to provide a driver’s license. Non-licensed drivers (who are at least 58 inches tall) or licensed drivers who prefer to drive in a more moderately-paced race can race at slower speeds. Junior racers are 48-58 inches tall and must be a minimum of 6 years old.

Regardless of the race you chose, you’ll be given an RPM head sock (which you can keep) and a helmet. Choose between padded and unpadded helmets and even request a neck brace if you like. The neck braces are mostly recommended for children but they’re also available for any adults who may request them.

Getting to RPM Raceway
If you have a car, RPM is a quick 20-minute drive from downtown Jersey City and there’s ample parking available. Uber is also a popular way to get here and it’s also how many employees arrive. Admittedly, arriving by public transportation is a bit more complicated and that’s because it’s impossible to find a 78,000-square foot space that can accommodate a racetrack in downtown Jersey City. If it were any closer to the city center, it’d be a lot smaller and, frankly, a lot less fun.

For anyone visiting from Manhattan, the quickest way to arrive is to catch the NJ PATH train to the Grove Street Station in Jersey City and then catch an Uber, which is about a 15-20-minute drive. You can also take the light rail to the Danforth Avenue Light Rail Station and catch an Uber from there. If you have a bit more time and want to enjoy incredible views of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan, take the Statue City Cruise to Liberty State Park. If you go this route, know that the boat first stops at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island so you’ll have to undergo an airport-like security screening to get on the boat. Also note that bicycles are not allowed on those boats so once you arrive at Liberty State Park, plan to catch an Uber to RPM or enjoy a beautiful stroll along the waterfront before heading inland.

Considering how close RPM is to Liberty State Park (and to the Liberty Science Center), you could easily spend the entire day in the area. Take in stunning views of lower Manhattan as you stroll along the waterfront then plan a picnic or grab lunch at one of the Liberty State Park’s on-site restaurants. Enjoy a visit to the Liberty Science Center or even catch an Uber over to the Liberty National Golf Course to get in a few rounds before heading to RPM, which is mere minutes from the course.


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