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Issue 32 | June 2023



As part of our Meet the Neighbors video series showcasing local artists and business owners, we’re excited to announce A Taste of Hudson County, which goes behind the scenes to highlight the cuisine and culture of each of our twelve municipalities. In this series, you can watch video interviews with the first four of twelve interviews which explore the culture and cuisine of Hudson County through some of its best restaurants and the brilliant chefs and Hudson County families behind them. The multicultural makeup of our neighborhoods shines through the cuisine you’ll find here, with everything from authentic Mexican birria in Bayonne to hip hangouts in Hoboken.



At Jersey City’s Skinner’s Loft, 146 Newark Avenue, you’ll find fresh and contemporary cuisine crafted by a family with roots going back well over a century in Hudson County. Here, the American bistro tradition is alive and thriving with local and regional farm-fresh food that can be feasted upon on their rooftop patio or accompanied by live jazz music.



This family-owned restaurant at 102 Kearny Avenue in Kearny, has been the go-to place for pleasing and piquant Peruvian cuisine in Kearny for the last two decades. Here, you can experience the incredible diversity of Peruvian food, from coastal classics like paella-style mixed seafood rice to inland delicacies like shredded chicken simmered in aji amarilllo pepper sauce.


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