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mod01 – the arts café

479 Palisade Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City

Hours: 7 Days a week: 7:30am-5:30pm

mod02 – the roastery

25 Senate Place, Journal Square, Jersey City

Hours: 7 Days a Week: 8am-5pm

mod03 – the food hall coffee bar

Harborside Financial Center, 210 Hudson Street, Jersey City

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-1:30pm

Friday-sunday: CLOSED


“We started modcup in 2013 with the mods love of coffee and music and a Punk/Rave DIY spirit. Who said you cant roast your own coffee? We have a garage, we have a record player and we have spirit. We have grown out of the garage and into 4 retail establishments and a “legit” roastery. We don’t miss the garage…

Our roasting philosophy at its core is simple. With high quality coffee, lighter roasting is better. We roast delicately to preserve the coffee’s natural aromas and brightness. Our goal is to introduce people to unique and special coffee tasting experiences. Coffees that can taste like peach tea. Chocolate liquors. Blueberry pie. Tropical fruit salads. In the beans we source, and the manner we roast them—we take pride in showcasing a dynamic coffee experience. An experience that aims to showcase Fact #1: Coffee is a Fruit.

We believe at modcup that classifying coffee roasting as simply light, medium or dark is an antiquated way of talking about this ancient craft. There is so much more to coffee and coffee roasting than simply how long the coffee’s left in the drum barrel to roast. Each coffee we roast at modcup has its own distinct profile, and is roasted with timing, temperature, and rest in mind in order to maximize the coffee’s potential. Our goal is always the same: highlight the characteristics already in the bean.”

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man watching coffee brew and drip through a spiral tube

group of people inspecting coffee beans

canister of coffee



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