Monday-Saturday: 3:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday: 2:00pm-9:00pm


Location:  67 Terhune Ave, Jersey City

Type of Food: Italian 


Available for takeout and dine in


Opened by the Laico family in 1972, Laico’s has been serving its tried-and-true dishes even as its menu evolves with the times. For almost 50 years, long-time loyal patrons and newfound friends and customers have not been disappointed in their choice of dining at Laico’s. The cozy, friendly atmosphere gives both a traditional feel and a present-day vibe, setting the stage to satisfy established as well as contemporary tastes.

Homemade salad dressing, garlic bread, desserts, and cocktails, as well as an amazing assortment of daily specials, are just a few treats that make Laico’s feel like an extension of home to its clientele. Long held as a Jersey City staple and a destination of its own, Laico’s is set in a residential oasis in the midst of a vibrant, urban city.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your tastes are, Laico’s offers the best of both worlds in so many ways: new/lifelong customers, established/innovative dishes, traditional/trendy vibes, urban/residential setting. So, wherever you, your family, and your friends fall within those worlds, you’re welcome here, and you’ll love it here!


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