Hi-So Thai

HiSo Thai

Hours: Open Daily 11:30am-9:30pm


Location: 1903 Willow Avenue, Weehawken

Type of Food: Thai


Available for takeout, delivery and dine in

No reservations required


HI-SO Thai is an authentically flavourful Thai place that shines at the corner of Willow Avenue in Weehawken. By doing away with old world of dress cooks, white table clothes, elaborate floral displays, tuxedoed servers and replacing it with a lively and relaxed atmosphere. We have classically trained chefs and a talented team at Hi So Thai. By viewing things as grey as opposed to black or white, we are able to break the rules and question things yielding results that are both delicious and thought provoking. We challenge you to find a place that puts as much heart, love, passion and humility into their cuisine and service as us. To strive to do something unique is an almost fundamental element for us to follow. The simple philosophy … there is no right or wrong approach to culinary creativity, creating Thai cuisine must be considered a personal, almost spiritual act. Our culinary imagination has brought a keen excitement to those who have experienced our artistic approach to fine dining. Passion, courage, and respect play an integral part in our kitchen.








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