Slow AF Two Mile Fun Run

  • Available Sundays from 10:00am-11:30am 
  • Located at Exchange Place, Jersey City 


I’m Monica, a girl from The Bronx with thick thighs and a bum knee who acted on a crazy idea to start a run club in Jersey City — in the middle of a pandemic. What if I could create a run club for slow runners ? A run club that doesn’t take itself too seriously and encourages you to get out there and do it anyway? A supportive community of runners who don’t discuss pace or time or races? A run club that’s Slow AF, like me? I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. For years I looked at runners and was torn between “I want to do that” and “Those people are clearly insane.” 

In a moment of inspiration (er, desperation), I created Slow AF Jersey City. The only requirement is that you’re a slow AF runner, jogger, or walker and if you’re not, you’re OK running with people who are.  With almost 400 members, Jersey City Slow AF Run Club is filled with people on our own journeys to try to be the best people we can be. Each Sunday we move our bodies in ways that bring us joy, despite shape, size, gender, or color.  Simply put, we are COMMUNITY IN MOTION. I hope to see you on a future Fun Run and learn more about you. 


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