Little City Books

Little City Books

100 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken New Jersey

(201) 626-7323



Open daily: 10:00am-6:00pm

Wednesdays: 10:00am-8:00pm


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“We opened May 2, 2015. It was a sunny beautiful day in Hoboken. Our lovely Mayor came and cut a ribbon, bought a book, and wore our t-shirt all weekend long. Our other neighbors who are not the mayor came too. We sold so many books! Wow — we said to ourselves as we turned the key in the lock that night and stepped back to look through the big dark windows at all the thousands of books sleeping on the shelves — maybe this is going to fly. Everything the other booksellers told us is true. It’s a lot of work. You meet the nicest people. You meet the most eccentric people. You learn more about your town and about books every day. It’s really fun.

We are Donna Garban and Kate Jacobs.  Donna has a head for numbers and a reckless and philosophical attitude towards money which is proving very useful. She likes to say YES. She buys lots of books and keeps them in teetering piles in her dining room. She is by nature a salonista. Kate likes the Russians and the Victorians, and some of the Edwardians, and is learning to like the Nows. She is thrilled to sell someone Tolstoy, Bronte, Maddox Ford, Woolf. So come say hello. Tell us what we must have that we don’t. We love special orders and will make every effort to get your book and let you know the minute it arrives. Browse our gorgeous selection of picture books. Let your kids come read. Bring the kids to our Children’s Annex; bring your dog.”

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