Hoboken Historical Walking Tour

Hoboken Historical Walking Tour

  • Available anytime 
  • Suggested starting point is The Machine Shop, 1021-1321 Hudson Street, Hoboken. 
  • However, the tour can start and conclude at any point the participant chooses 
  • Learn all about the history of New Jersey’s fabulous Mile Square City!
  • It is suggested to allow 2 – 3 hours to visit all the stops on this tour at a leisurely pace


Hoboken, New Jersey, is a community that simultaneously enjoys the benefits of a big city and the neighborliness of a small town. Children walk to school and play on the sidewalks. Streets are swept with brooms and carts. Neighbors gather on front steps amid flowerpots planted with geraniums. Between the Hudson River and the Palisades, the Lincoln and the Holland Tunnels, Hoboken is just about one mile square. You can walk to everything, yet the city is also a transportation hub, with a subway, ferry, light rail, bus and railroad terminal.

Known as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and of baseball, Hoboken’s character and charm have been remarkably well preserved for over 150 years. The city is arranged in a tidy urban grid lined with cherished Victorian row houses, turn-of-the-century churches, quaint storefronts, and converted factories of faded brick. As you take your walking tour of Hoboken, you will find yourself traveling back in time to a warm, human-scaled world that is still alive and well in the Mile Square City. Welcome to Hoboken!

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