Hackensack Riverkeeper

Hackensack Riverkeeper

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Water lovers rejoice! Through environmental action, support, and education, Hackensack Riverkeeper goes above and beyond to raise awareness of the people of the Hackensack River Watershed. Through conscious efforts, they work to protect, preserve and restore a plethora of wildlife habitats that exist within the watershed.

Hackensack Riverkeeper uses a four-pronged strategy of environmental action, lobbying, education, and litigation to protect the Public Trust resources of the Hackensack River Watershed. The group uses that tactic on behalf of the people and wildlife whose existence depends on the river and its watershed.

Combining formal and informal environmental education initiatives aimed at increasing community knowledge of the Hackensack River Watershed, Hackensack Riverkeeper fulfills its purpose. We strive to safeguard, maintain, and restore the varied fish and animal habitats that exist within the watershed in everything we do.

Captain Bill and the staffers  work effortlessly to engage the people of the Watershed as well as Hudson County to help take responsibility for it. By creating the River Cleanup Program, volunteers have removed tons of garbage from the River each season allowing it to continue being enjoyed by both visitors and the animals who live within it.

Hackensack Riverkeeper is a resource that can help local, state, and federal agencies find pollution sources and work with them to guarantee that environmental laws and regulations are followed and enforced. We act as citizen prosecutors and use the legal system to secure justice for the people and ecosystems of the Hackensack River Watershed when government entities show a lack of competence or inclination to uphold the laws and regulations protecting our natural resources.

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boat on the Hackensack river watershed

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