Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Visiting Ellis Island is an immersion in America’s cultural history. A century ago, some 12 million immigrants arrived here to start anew. Their stories span the island, and you can witness it all for yourself on a trip from Liberty State Park via Statue Cruises.

Ellis Island’s most popular attraction is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. This historical treasure tells the tales of America’s immigrants. Walking the halls, you’ll see artifacts and relics from the 1500s to present; these pieces bring the nation’s “melting pot” history to life, while the American Immigrant Wall outside honors those who came before us. Perhaps the most popular attraction at Ellis Island is the American Family Immigration History Center, where you can see if any of your family members arrived through the island, with staff teams at the ready to help you uncover your roots.

To visit, simply show your Statue Cruises ferry ticket for Ellis Island and Liberty State Park. You can learn more about Ellis Island here.

Fast Facts:

  • Open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving
  • Accessible via Statue Cruises Ferry from Liberty State Park
  • Click here for ticket prices and information

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