Dollhaus II

DollHaus II


23 Cottage Street, Bayonne, NJ

(201) 360-0894


Do yourself a favor and get out of New York City and have an experience and travel to a quirky peninsula called BAYONNE, yeah that is in New Jersey. Do not be afraid. The Dollhaus started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 37 Broadway and ran hard and heavy for 6 years. After the insane raise of rents and gentrification and all the ART SIMPLY VANISHING leaving just the invasion of commercial art that soon became just branding and corporate empires! The once extremely artistic area we all loved just left and so we decided it was time to bail. It was not an area for Dollhaus and their unique outsider artists and concepts. Dollhaus moved to unknown areas and the adventure started again. Here is where BAYONNE comes to play and seemed like a suitable place to settle down into and open DOLLHAUS II.

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Dollhaus II

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