Terms for Event Listings

Hudson County Tourism Event Listing on the events calendar of the VisitHudson.org site

Placing a tourism event on the VisitHudson.org website is provided as a free service. Tourism listings will be considered which meet the following criteria:

  • Event must be related to the tourism industry, open to the general public and appeal to visitors not just a local audience.
  • Event must take place in Hudson County and/or have primary focus of a location in Hudson County.
  • An everyday occurrence does not constitute an event, there must be an element that is out of the norm which makes it special and considered an event.
  • Event listings will not be published that are solicitations or contain any profane language and content.
  • Events will only be accepted for possible approval via the online Event Submission Form. Emails, press releases, and other forms of media are not acceptable.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Hudson County Division of Cultural & Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development to determine that the event meets the criteria and is related to the tourism industry. The Division reserves the right to edit, modify, restrict or remove listings at any time without notification.

Acceptable Tourism Events

Air Shows; Flower/Garden Shows; Antique Shows; Food/Beverage Festivals; Art Shows Gem/Mineral Shows; Athletic Events (Professional Only; Historic/Living History/Reenactments; Auto/Motorcycle Events Home Shows/Tours; Benefits/Charitable Events Horse/Dog/Cat Shows; Boat/Camping/Sports Shows Hot Air Balloon Festivals; Children’s Events Multicultural Events; Cook-offs Music Events/Festivals; Craft Shows Nature/Agriculture Events; Dance Events; Parades; Exhibitions/Expositions Races (Bike, Marathons, Walks); Fairs/Festivals/Carnivals Sporting/Recreation Events; Farmers/Flea Markets Theater/Stage/Performing Arts Events; Film Festivals

Non-Acceptable Tourism Events

Auctions; Networking Events; Banquets/Luncheons; Business Conferences/Conventions; Religious Services; Reunions; Garage Sales; Invitation/Member only Events

Required Information to Submit a Tourism Event:

  1. A tourism event listing must be submitted through the online Entry Submission Form
  2. Name of event listing.
  3. Public contact phone number for additional information (email if available, but not mandatory).
  4. Please submit a flyer for your event that contains the following:
    1. Name of Organization
    2. Venue name and physical address of event
    3. Exact Date(s) and Time(s)
    4. Proper sponsorship logos
    5. Event must have a linkable website to be posted
  5. A brief description of the event – 2-3 sentences.
  6. Contact name, phone number and email for website administrator’s use only. (This is not made public.)
  7. Photos and videos can be uploaded, we recommend you upload at least one to three photos for the website.
  8. Provide all social media handles for any and all channels that your organization is on, ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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