African Drum Djembe Class

African Drum Djembe Class

$30 per class

Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm

Located at:

Issyra Gallery

300 Observer Highway, Hoboken, NJ


For those with little to no drumming experience, but the desire and passion to give the drums a try, this class introduces students to the West African djembe drum. This drum is very popular with drum students outside of Africa due to the range of tones it can produce. The true African djembe drums are hand-carved from a solid piece of wood, hollowed out inside and covered on top with a goat hide.

This session will begin by developing playing technique using the two main sounds on the drum, the bass note and the open note. Through fun and uncomplicated exercises students will also develop a small repertoire of rhythms, experience the art of playing a drum solo, and learn traditional drum pieces incorporating the Ghanaian bell (gankogui) and gourd rattle (axatse).

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