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Typewriter Poetry Session #1 with Pierce Logan

March 5, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Typewriter Poetry #1 with Pierce Logan, your work will be added to his Upper Gallery exhibit: "From a Yuppie's Typewriter"

In conjunction with our Upper Gallery exhibit, “From a Yuppie’s Typewriter: Poems from Yuppies, Puppies, and B&R’s,” the Museum is pleased to present two Typewriter Poetry Sessions with Pierce Logan of QWERT Poetry on Sunday, March 5 and Sunday, March 26 from 1 – 3pm. “From a Yuppie’s Typewriter” runs in our Upper Gallery until Sunday, April 2. On Friday, February 24 at 6pm, Pierce will be interviewed by the Museum’s Poet-in-Residence Danny Shot  in an online-only Artist Talk that will be livestreamed on the Museum’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

“From a Yuppie’s Typewriter: Poems from Yuppies, Puppies, and B&R’s” consists of seventeen original poems based off the chapters of Joseph Barry and John Derevlany’s ‘Yuppies Invade my Home at Dinnertime,’ a compilation of Hoboken-resident-submitted letters to The Hoboken Reporter.

On March 9 and March 24, Pierce will bring eight typewriters into the Museum, and eight registered guests will be seated at a typewriter to compose original pieces describing their thoughts on living in Hoboken. Pierce will guide attendees on using these under-appreciated and antiquated machines as they pay homage to the past by composing their own “letters.” The pieces that they create will be displayed, and become part of this dynamic exhibit. There will also be a live reading of the poems.

Pierce says, “This is my biggest project yet. As the city contends with gentrification, battles between “B&R’s” and “Yuppies”, the questions of identity and belonging are ever-present and always unanswered, and turn out to be byproducts of all contemporaries of their time. The work aims to reflect the voices of the authors’ and as such, poems range from biting sarcasm to calls for justice, to contradictory and light-hearted.”

With this one-of-a-kind batch of poems, Pierce aims to capture the hearts and minds of Hobokenites past and present. “From a Yuppie’s Typewriter: Poems from Yuppies, Puppies, and B&R’s” showcases tidbits of the city’s history through the lens of polemic personal opinions and hot topics. It takes inspiration from ‘Yuppies Invade my Home at Dinnertime,’ while giving contemporary citizens an opportunity to express thoughts on current issues surrounding the city and cities like Hoboken.

Pierce Logan is a writer, English teacher, and poet based in New Jersey. Pierce began QWERT Poetry, a custom typewriter commissions company, in 2015 and has since composed hundreds of original poems on a typewriter for strangers. The mission of QWERT Poetry began as an effort to gain exposure with his writing and later turned into an opportunity to inspire more celebration into our lives by offering the space to commission something personal. Pierce has authored several books including QWERT Poetry’s Favorite Requests, Volume I, publishing several original scans of requested poems, Oblong and Bedrock, early poetry collections, and “HOUSE OF PAIN”, an epic poem which will be reformatted into a theatrical production in 2023 and 2024. Find published work in FATHERFATHER Magazine, The Spectre Literary Review Magazine, Writer’s Pocket, SOUP CAN Magazine, and Free The Verse. Press includes Tap Into Hoboken, podcast interview at The Life Eclectic, and the artist’s first solo exhibition at Green Hive Atelier in Union City, New Jersey with eight original framed pieces October 2022-December 2022.

QWERT Poetry is a poetry experience. In the age of “immersive experiences” QWERT stands out. You will take home a custom gift composed on a typewriter that will melt your heart, bring you to tears, or leave you overjoyed — that’s the goal. Begin with a subject in mind; Pierce will ask you a series of questions to dig deeper, unlock the reason for your request (like going to the doctor), type it out for 5ish minutes, stamp it with wax in the color of your choice, then read it to you, offering a frame.


March 5, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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