Handmade Pizza Party

Handmade Pizza Party

$59 per class

Times Vary

Located at: 

GFG Bakery Café

221 River Street, Hoboken, NJ

-Many other seasonal classes are offered for select weekends, such as macaroons, donuts, and basic French pastries


In this fun and interactive class you will learn how to master the impressive skill of making pizza from scratch! You will begin by learning a bit of pizza history including its early beginnings, regional pizza variations and how it has transformed into the styles of pizza we know today! Our Chef Instructor will take you through a detailed demonstration, before you will be guided step-by-step in replicating how to make a quick rising dough, how to choose the right flour, basic kneading techniques and how to achieve the perfect crust. We will be making Italy’s most iconic pizza, the Neapolitan style, however you will be able to channel you inner Picasso as you choose from a variety of popular toppings to decorate your pizza!


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