Jersey City Fashion Week | POSTPONED

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*Postponed to November 2020*

Fashion really has no dividing lines. It is something everyone can enjoy. Now include a chartable purpose to a fashion week and you have a great event with a good cause. It is an opportunity to show compassion, kindness and love for others by giving to help others in need live. This is something I believe God wants us to do because God is love. This is why JCFW motto is ‘Style with Significance: Fashion for the Greater Good on the Right Side of the Hudson.’ It’s a big ‘give back’ in order to move people forward. We are the only Fashion Week in the country where giving back and charity is one of its main purposes. We are proud of this fact!!”

Jersey City Fashion Week (JCFW) is a program of the Desha Lang Jackson Give to Live Community Foundation (Give to Live) a project of United Charitable Fund a registered 501(c)3 charity. Give to Live raises funds and promotes awareness for charitable causes through fashion, entertainment and sports-related events.

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